In-App Advertising: The Way of Monetizing Mobile Apps

In-app advertising is booming in the Industry, and the agencies are looking towards extending their business from mobile web to Apps. However, In-App ads are more interactive and becoming more adept to reach the right audience. The In-App advertising is providing a better solution in targeting the right audience attention and encouraging them to interact with the ads without any interruption.

Researches shown that, people spend on an average of 3 hours/day using smartphones and 84% of that usage time is spent on Apps.

Why In-App Advertising is Gaining Momentum?

In-App advertising is gaining momentum in the industry because it is enhanced by the location data. Using location data, marketers can analyze some real-time data such as local events, demographics, weather conditions and more. This data is helping the marketers to create on-the-go audiences. Combining all these data layers, marketers can find right audience and this is making the In-App advertising an effective and interactive way of advertising. Geo-location is not only used to target the right audience, but also it is giving access to the all points across the ecosystem, which is driving the marketers to become highly targeted.

Types of In-App Mobile Advertising:

Native Ads:

Native Ads are the ads that blend into content of app. They are appreciated by the users for their native aspect. Native ads can be displayed in various forms and sizes. They serve as the best alternative for the banner ads. These ads blend into the theme content and don’t bother user’s eyes.

The high eCPM rate is shown in native ads, native ads are suitable for all types of apps. They seem to be additional information to the users, rather than an ad interrupting the user’s activity.

As the native ads blend into the app’s background, they are well appreciated and well received for their impressive experience. The advertisers who make native ads should be careful not to make the ad creative too hard, just for the sake of getting noticed. Besides, serving the right ad for the targeted audience gives more effect that every advertiser wanted.


Interstitial Ads:

Interstitial Ad comes in both Image and video forms. The interstitial ads should be creative to attract the users attention from the action performed before.

Interstitial Ads occupy the full screen and also have possibility to skip by clicking on the top and the navigation for more information. Interstitial ads are having high eCPM rates and often the most chosen way of promotion by the experts. These ads engage users by providing rich media content. And drive high impression and conversion rates if they were used in a right way.


Video Ads:

Mobile App publishers are gaining around third of Ad revenue through In-app video advertising. Video ads are more interactive and audience appreciates the video ad for 15 to 30 seconds promoting advertiser’s products or services. These are of two types:

Non Rewarded Video:

Video ads are having high eCPM rate. If it is done in a right way, then the users get impressed with the videos done in most compelling way. These ads will have exit button to the video through which the user can get back to the activity.


Rewarded Video:

Rewarded ads are similar to the video ads but without any skip option. Rewarded videos are now the leader of ad formats with high eCPM rate. These rewarded videos are widely used by the Gaming Apps.

In the rewarded videos, customers are pleased to win some rewards while watching the video. They hold a unique style to attract the visitors and influence their actions for the better user experience. These rewarded videos increase the user engagement while promoting the products or services of an advertiser.


Banner Ads:

Finally Banner Ads, they are the oldest form of advertising that still exist in the ecosystem. Though the eCPMs are less for this format compared to above formats, it can still be used and generate good revenues because of its wide usage in the market.


Advertisers or Marketers should understand the best ad type for the Apps and use them to attract and target the right audiences.