Google Rebranded “Google Webmaster Central” to “Google Search Central”

The update of renaming the Google search console from “Google Webmaster Central” to “Google Search Central” was made on November 11, 2020. The revamping of branding is done with its new mascot.

The Google bot mascot will now appear with a web crawling side kick spider bot.

When we first met this curious critter, we wondered, “Is it really a spider?” After some observation, we noticed this spider bot hybrid can jump great distances and sees best when surrounded by green light.We think Googlebot’s new best friend is a spider from the genus Phidippus, though it seems to also have bot-like characteristics. – Stated by Google

The tool is widely used by the professionals to study the search behavior of their websites on Google search engine this is the reason for the change from “Google Webmaster Central” to “Google Search Central” as the name resembles its use. The name change applies to blog along with its social media accounts.

The Url is now changed to

The goal of the tool is remains unchanged, it helps to improve the visibility of websites on search engines. Whether you are a new getting started with SEO or an experienced professional, we still provide the content for you which help in getting the websites on Google Search.

Google has consolidated its blogs and the documentation related to:

For Beginners:

  • How search engine works?
  • SEO starter guide
  • Do you need SEO?
  • Establish your business details on Google
  • Beginners guide to Search Console

Developers Guide to Search:

  • Google guidelines
  • Control crawling and indexing
  • Change your search appearance
  • Optimize your page experience
  • Search APIs

Get the detailed guide at:

Web professionals will get benefited with the changes such as:

  • Improved visibility of the content (documentation, localized blogs & more)
  • It’s easier to switch between the languages
  • The better platform that helps Google to maintain all its content, blog posts more effectively

Few of the changes are already rolled out and few of them are rolling out in coming days. Now, the users should get used to saying “Google Search Central” instead of “Google Webmaster”.

Good Bye to “Google Webmaster” & Say Hi to “Google Search Central”