Google Core Update May 2020: Impacts on SERP’s

Traffic gained after Google core update may 2020
Traffic lost after Google cor update May 2020

Google has rolled out a major core algorithm update on May 4th 2020. It is named as Google Core Algorithm Update because it’s the major update in the algorithm that has impacted on many of the websites in various niche.

It is named as a regular updated though there is a real query that what happened to the traffic of the websites whether this core update has created a positive impact or a negative impact on the performance of the website. 

If you see the charts show Green, Blue and Red warning bells in some websites, it means there is volatility in the rankings. Haven’t you checked yet? you should go and check your rankings to see whether they have gone up or down. If you are tracking through Google Analytics then you are free to check what is happening to your traffic.

Hopefully, the traffic has gone up. If not, do not panic. You can work on it to get back on track.

As per our understanding, the site that has quality content is seeing an improvement in their rankings and traffic. For the sites which has seen a drop in their website’s performance then follow the below steps that help them to get back on track.

Update Content Regularly:

As it is well known in SEO, “Content is King”. Publish content frequently on the website’s pages or blog. Also when publishing the blogs keeps the topic relevant to your readers also ensure that it is better than your competitors.

Fix SEO Errors:

Fixing the SEO issues that found in SEO analysis and Audit. Page Errors you can get through Google Webmaster. These errors get impacted on the sites than others. The sites that have duplicate Meta tags, it usually creates a problem.  Most of the sites that has the errors didn’t get much traffic in general.  Again, the site doesn’t need to be perfect but try to remove as much as errors as possible.

Considering all the above, there is no guarantee that your site has got impacted in Google core update that has rolled out on May 4th 2020. Each site has a different impact created by Google in terms of offering the best experience for the searchers. SEO is not about winning on search engines but make a competitive approach creating better experiences to the searchers.