Ad Tech is Moving Towards More Ad Transparency

The “Ad Transparency” is in demand today within Online Advertising Industry which cannot be ignored. The Ad:Tech entities are demanding change in the way of implementing brand safety and ad fraud, giving raise to Ad Transparency


What is Ad Transparency?

Transparency in digital advertising is vital for both cost and inventory. Ad transparency is giving the opportunity to advertiser for opting in new spend tracking methods. Advertisers would like to know where their money is spent in the ad tech chain. The media budget runs out of control without having this data, making advertiser susceptible to fraud.

Ad Transparency is one of the breakthroughs for both advertisers and publishers. The buyer side technologies and seller side technologies are focusing on each side of the market place in the ad tech model. And with the enhancements in the technology, advertisers and publishers are now having the ability to receive the greater transparency from their technology partners.


Why Transparency is needed?

Over a decade, Ad:Tech’s open ecosystem has allowed the agencies to operate autonomously while buying the ad space. And now, with the boom in online bidding of Programmatic Advertising, the ad selling has moved from Human Involved Deals to Automated Decision Making, increasing the chances of anonymity.

The advertising agencies have made the lucrative business by buying the bulk inventory and making it up for the advertisers. Consequently, now the advertisers are asking for the transparency within the process of programmatic advertising.

Advertisers need for the transparency is directly linked to brand safety and ad fraud. They wanted to tackle the ad fraud and brand safety by knowing where their ads are served. Domain spoofing was one of the major problems for some programmatic advertisers. There are some publishers doing fraudulent and advertisers pay lot of money for the inventory which was wasting their marketing budgets. This Domain spoofing can be controlled by increasing the transparency.


With the help of IAB Authorized Digital Seller concept (ads.txt), the seller side players are able to improve the transparency by allowing the publishers declare which seller is legitimate to sell their inventory. This implementation makes harder to the bad actors to benefit from selling the fake domains. This turned out the great development towards transparency.

How Transparency Benefits Entire Ad Tech Industry?

The better advertising and greater transparency go hand-in-hand. Media supply chain is wasting the money with the adoption of the poor standards because the better advertising requires time and money.

An advertiser using online advertising and programmatic need to know the following from the agencies

  • Inventory transparency.
  • Tracking availability
  • Avoiding the generic creative
  • Brand safety
  • Ad Fraud control

For example, P&G world’s largest advertiser has decided to clean up the online advertising supply chain and improve the transparency entirely in the ad tech industry by implementing the below four point action plans such as:

  • Adopt one viewability standard
  • Implement MRC accredited third-party measurement verification
  • Review all agency contracts for greater transparency
  • Prevent ad fraud

Today, programmatic advertising has given enough control to the advertiser to empower them with more transparency which was not before. Marketers must demand the transparency with their partners which is necessary to empower themselves. Adapting ad transparency is good for the entire ad tech industry.